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House being demolished atr a jobsite with caution tape around the property.

Houses, buildings, mobile homes

roll off dumpsters at a job site, rented dumpsters that were delivered to a client.

20 yard roll off dumpster, delivered

Trash on the ground to illustrate the type of cleaning services we offer.

Debris cleaned up and hauled away

Dumpster Rental Tyler, Texas

TNT Dumpster is a locally owned company offering demolition and waste management services.
We rent dumpsters for clients all over Tyler and the surrounding areas. We offer professional dumpster services.
Our trucks don’t leak oil. The dumpsters are cleaned according to a periodic maintenance plan and aren’t delivered smelly or dirty. Our prices are competitive and our response time is possibly better than others, in part since we are a smaller company.
We enjoy offering dumpster rental and we take the work seriously. We appreciate the opportunities and we enjoy meeting new clients or seeing familiar faces. We are fortunate and we continue to be grateful.

illustration of a 20 yard dumpster with pricing provided and a link to schedule delivery



Schedule by texting, emailing or calling today!

Our dumpster's dimensions are illustrated above. At about 6 feet tall, they are short enough that a skid steer or excavator can load over the top. The dumpsters also have a functional rear door, so loading them can be even easier by hand. 

Our rental dumpsters are clean and in good condition. They are painted just one color, without any markings. Stopping short of calling them attractive, I will say our dumpsters are not unattractive. They will not be an eyesore while on site for days at a time. 

Our rental dumpsters are available for additional days at the rate published above. Additional time and additional weight can result in additional charges. Please contact us if there are any changes you'd like to make that would affect the terms of the rental agreement. 

We accept credit cards, cash, checks. The dumpster may be reserved with a credit card and we may require an authorization form for our   
Invoices are always emailed and there is a secure payment portal for making payment with a card. 



TNT Dumpster Services will provide dumpster disposal service using our roll-off containers. Service will be provided on the day requested when possible.
Additional days requested by the client will add $45.00 Per Day to the cost of the rental total.




All customers are responsible for:

  • the total weight of the contents of their dumpster(s).                         

  • scheduling the removal of their dumpster(s).

  • ensuring their dumpster(s) are not overloaded.

    Customers shall inspect the dumpster upon delivery for any existing damage. Upon removal of the dumpster. TNT shall be entitled to charge the customer for the repair or replacement costs attributable to any damage to the dumpster while in the customer’s possession.
    The customer shall be liable for any repair or replacement costs. Upon removal, the customer authorizes TNT Dumpster to collect any additional disposal and repair or replacement costs attributable to the customer.


Exceeding stated weight allowance will result in an additional charge of $65 per ton 

  • 20 yard - 6,000 lbs included. In no event will customer load debris weighing 7,000 lbs or more. 


Any weight above the max tonnage allowed will result in refusal of service and off-loading shall be required. A dry run charge can range from $75 to up $300 per occurrence. Blocking or impeding retrieval of a roll-off on the agreed collection date will result in a dry run charge.


Cleaning due to loading of restricted or hazardous materials may be billed at a 3rd party rate plus a reasonable markup.

Terms Of Lease

Why Rent a Dumpster?

People all over Tyler are burning their garbage. In some cases, it is perfectly legal, but laws are changing. In fact, many people are unaware that it is illegal to burn domestic waste in an area that the city of county governments provide OR HAVE AUTHORIZED collection services.
This means that if there is a service provider in your area that can service your address, it is illegal to burn your household waste. }As Tyler grows, there will likely be more enforcement of this rule in Smith County.
A useful link to the Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center that can be found
Below is a chart clearly defining illegal burning and penalties for doing so. 
As you can see, when compared to the cost of legal disposal, crime doesn't pay (or save any money in the long run). Portable dumpster rental is cheap by comparison with even the minimal fines for non-compliance. 


Chart illustrating criminal penalties for illegal burning in Smith County Texas

Cost of Roll Off Dumpsters Near Me

As you can see from the chart above, burning trash illegally doesn't make much sense, financially. Aside from the financial impact from being penalized, there are environmental factors to consider as well. 
Burning furniture, mattresses, plastic, tires, carpeting, etc... can impact the environment but also your relationship with your neighbors. 
It might be worth it to consider the relatively inexpensive option of a dumpster rental, especially if you consider sharing the cost of the dumpster with a neighbor that has trash of their own they'd like to legally dispose of. 
Large items that are illegal to burn can easily fit into a 20 yard dumpster. Couches, mattresses, appliances... Our dumpsters can be loaded as one might load a moving truck. Making efficient use of the space provided is a good way to get more for your money. 

Our quality built, heavy gauge steel dumpsters can accommodate up to 6,000 lbs. of debris.  
3 tons of trash. 
When you consider that each ton of municipal solid waste incinerated typically releases between 0.7 and 1.7 tons of CO2, there are savings across the board when renting a dumpster to dispose of the waste in our local landfills in and around Smith County, TX. 
Here is a link to a calculator the EPA provides. Using
this calculator can help you determine that carbon footprint of your home and family. 
Republic Services operates landfills all around us and they offer low rates to incentivize lawful disposal. 
Our 20 yard dumpsters are rented for $395 per week, so you can take your time filling them to capacity. 

When we haul away your junk, you will know that your waste has been legally disposed of and in a manner best suited for our environment using the best possible options available. . We can provide landfill tickets as evidence of legal disposal if the documents might be needed for reference. 

Dumpster Delivery Tyler, TX

We are asked by our dumpster rental clients, "How do I prepare for delivery?"
Our 20 yard dumpsters can be placed on pavement or dirt, grass or natural areas that are relatively flat. 
We can typically position them where needed, close to work areas or where site work will take place. 
It is best to have the area you'd like the dumpster placed already selected and clear of obstruction. Our dumpsters are delivered by a f

specialized trailer, made only for hauling roll off dumpsters. The trailer is approximately 20 feet long and it is pulled by a large and heavy truck. Ample space for this combination must be taken into consideration when ordering your dumpster and considering placement. 
Once we are on site, we like to confer with our clients to be sure we understand the desired placement and offer an alternative, if the site selected will not be accessible by our roll off dumpster trailer. 
Our dumpsters are of heavy steel construction. Their weight should also be considered. We will carefully place the dumpster, but can not be responsible for the surface(s) below it, especially since we are not filling it ourselves. We will not be present to monitor the weight being loaded or the method(s) used to load debris into the dumpster. 
Our dumpsters are frequently loaded with heavy equipment, but their height and functional doors also allow for hand loading. 
When using heavy equipment, we ask that you place debris carefully. 
We deliver our rental dumpsters within a 30 mile radius of Tyler. This Includes Kilgore, Longview, Mineola, Lindale, Hawkins and more. 
If you are in our service area, there are no delivery fees added. 
If you are out of our service area, we may still be able to help with your waste management needs, just call us and let us know how we can help. If we are able to deliver to you, we will. 

Landfills Tyler, Texas

There are several landfills in our area.
We commonly take waste for disposal to Pine Hill Landfill in Longview located at: 1102 Four South Industrial Blvd, Longview, TX 75603

In accordance with the Republic Services landfill prohibited items list, we are unable to dispose of paint, automotive oil, oil filters, antifreeze and batteries. 
Appliances can be disposed of if they do not contain CFC's and if they did, such as refrigeration units, then a letter of certification by an authorized and licensed air conditioning technician must accompany the disposal. 
We also use the Republic Services Greenwood Farms landfill located at: 12920 FM2767, Tyler, TX 75708. 
This facility is owned by the City of Tyler. 
If you have hazardous waste to dispose of, we encourage you to contact the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) at 903-535-5100.


Finance Your Demolition

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