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A dumpster delivery truck and trailer parked near our dumpsters.

20 yard roll off dumpster, delivered

A large house being torn down, a complete demolition.

Houses, buildings, mobile homes

Debris needing cleaned up, trash in a field.

Debris cleaned up and hauled away

Commercial Buildings

Starting at $5,000
Job Minimum

Mobile Homes

Starting at $3,000
Single Wides


Starting at $3.00
Per Square Foot

Barns, etc...

Contact Us For Free Estimate
Fences, Driveways, Decks

An abandoned warehouse to be demolished.
An abandoned single wide mobile home to be moved or torn down.
A derelict home to be torn down, roof is sagging, holes through shingles and roofing material.
An excavator parked near a house to be demolished

Demolition Services Tyler, Texas

TNT Demolition is a locally owned company offering demolition and waste management services.
We rent dumpsters for clients all over Tyler and the surrounding areas. We offer professional dumpster services.
Our trucks don’t leak oil. The dumpsters are cleaned according to a periodic maintenance plan and aren’t delivered smelly or dirty. Our prices are competitive and our response time is possibly better than others, in part since we are a smaller company.
We enjoy offering dumpster rental and we take the work seriously. We appreciate the opportunities and we enjoy meeting new clients or seeing familiar faces. We are fortunate and we continue to be grateful.
However, of primary interest to us, the focus of our attention and the source of pride… is our demolition operation. 
Whether you are the owner of a small home or representatives of owners, we understand the process and we wish to work with you. We can obtain permits, estimate from plans and draft pre-demolition surveys.
We offer everything from full demolition of buildings, parking lots, etc… to selective interior demolition, especially useful for construction contractors offering “fit ups” or remodeling jobs.

Finance Your Demolition

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