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roll off dumpsters in a yard and a truck and trailer for delivering rental dumpsters

20 yard roll off dumpster, delivered

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Debris cleaned up and hauled away

Welcome to TNT Mobile Home Demolition Services. 

Mobile homes that have been in one place for a long time can be difficult to remove. Frames can become compromised, axles missing, and the cost of repairing the structure enough to make it towable can be very high. The cost of moving it can also be high, and the question becomes, where to move it?

TNT Mobile Home Demolition can help. We demolish mobile homes on site. We bring roll-off dumpsters to the jobsite and can load the entire mobile home, single wide or double wide, into the dumpsters using mini-excavators and other heavy equipment. We can get into tight spaces and clean the property surrounding the trailer as well.

If you have an eyesore or worse, a structure that is unsafe or a haven for pests and rodents, please consider calling TNT for your demolition needs. We can provide an accurate quote and an efficient timeline for the work. We will meet any deadline and try to meet any budget with competitive pricing for our mobile home demolition services in Tyler, Texas and all of East Texas.

How To Demo Mobile Home

How to Demolish A Mobile Home

Smith County Texas is littered with mobile homes that need to be demolished. Mobile homes do not last as long as houses can when they've been neglected. Single wide mobile homes may fair a little better than doublewides, but abandoned house trailers in Tyler can be a difficult problem for property owners. 
Banks often require they be removed from the collateral property before lending. In many cases, the structure can no longer be towed safely. Moving a mobile home requires permits and evidence of ownership, not to mention that it must be stabile enough to move. Often times tongues or axles are missing. 
Unfortunately, demolishing a mobile home is not an inexpensive option. Typical costs involved in tearing down a single wide trailer in Tyler, TX will likely range between $6,000 and $9000. Double wide mobile homes may cost two times that amount, but generally will fall in the 10-12k range. 
There is an option for those that are interested in doing the work themselves. 


Tools Required for Mobile Home Demolition

Tools For MH Demo
  • Mini Excavator

  • Skid Steer

  • Full Set of Hand Tools

  • Sledge Hammer

  • Bolt Cutters

  • Wire Cutters

  • Steel Cutting Saw

The safest option for most non-professionals is to hire a competent mobile home demolition company. Trying to save money will likely result in an underestimated expenditure of time. However, the project can be done by almost anyone if they approach the task with safety in mind.
Rental equipment is very expensive and there is a learning curve involved with its use. 
Lindale, TX is home to several small equipment rental store and Tyler has some big chain rental companies offering daily, weekly and monthly rates for mini-excavators and skid steers. 
Of course, dumpsters must also be used and we have our very own for rent, you can do so by clicking here.  
Plan more time than expected. While a professional mobile home demolition company like TNT Demolition can tackle the demo of a mobile home in less than a week, it might take an unskilled and untrained individual up to a month. 


Important Considerations


Within Tyler city limits, a permit is required for mobile home demolition. The city of Tyler permitting department may be contacted by clicking here. Outside city limits, no permit may be required. For example, in rural, outlying areas in Smith, Gregg, Upshur counties, no permit is required by the county for demolition.

Utilities must be disconnected

It is recommended that one of the first calls be to Texas 811. This can be the most important aspect of the project. Tearing down a mobile home may not require digging, but when using heavy equipment on soil, it is easy to create deep ruts and even accidentally damage a buried utility line. 
Of course, all utilities must be disconnected prior to beginning any demo work. 

What to Do With the Debris From the Tear Down

MH Debris Disposal

Much of the material and debris from a mobile home demolition will need to be disposed of. Hauling to a local landfill is often the only option. In Tyler, Greenwood Farms landfill is located at 12920 FM2767, Tyler, TX 75708. Northeast of that, Pine Hill Landfill is located at 1102 Four South Industrial Blvd, Longview, TX 75603. 
Some material can be recycled, There is a lot of steel beneath a mobile home and pulling apart the frame for recycling may be an attractive option, rather than paying to dispose of the steel at the landfill. Since landfills charge by the ton, saving the weight in the dumpster may save some money. The steel can even be sold at a scrap yard. 

Final Thoughts on Mobile Home Demolition

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a property manager or owner that has a mobile home to demolish in Tyler, Winona, Longview, Mineola, Lindale or any of the surrounding areas like Hawkins or Big Sandy, you should consider calling the professionals at TNT Demolition. Let us show you why we best choice in town for a fast removal of any derelict structure. 

Welcome to TNT Mobile Home Demolition Services. 

Finance Your Demolition

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