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Can I burn my garbage?

Well.... MAYBE. Texas law

states that if the county in which you live provides OR AUTHORIZES trash collection at your address, then it is illegal to burn household waste. But we see (smell) it all the time. People burning plastics, tires, furniture. Even if you live where collection service is not provided or authorized, there are certain items, like those I just mentioned, that are illegal to burn. Roll off dumpster rentals are an option to both upsetting your neighbors and risking fines.

We deliver rental dumpsters in Tyler, TX for a flat rate of $395. No charges for delivery or pickup.

Our 20 yard dumpsters can hold up to 3 tons of debris. If you are cleaning a shed, clearing an abandoned house, cleaning up a property that has been neglected for years, choose legal disposal and rent a dumpster or better yet, contact TNT Dumpster and Demolition Services. Tyler is pretty well covered with authorized trash collection services like Republic to manage waste, it is unlikely you will be in an area that burning your trash is still legal. If you have bulky items, if you have lots of junk... give us a call.

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