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Demolition Longview TX


Commercial Buildings!

Why Choose Demolition Longview

There are many reasons a property in Longview may require demolition. Owners of property that has fallen into a state of disrepair may be required to demolish a structure. There may even be some financial incentives for homeowners to participate in some city sponsored programs for demolition of old houses, mobile homes and commercial buildings within Longview city limits. Read about the Community Development Block Grant HERE

Storm Damage, Fires and Insurance Claims

Homeowners, property managers, small business owners and even real estate investors sometimes have the need for demolition services in Longview due to natural disasters or fires, arson or acts of vandalism. From initial conversation with your insurance company to permits and ultimately a full scale demolition service, TNT Demolition can help. The City of Longview Permit Department can be contacted by clicking HERE. 

Mobile Homes

Demolish a Mobile Home Longview TX

Moving a mobile home in Longview TX requires a few things that are not always readily available. The first thing to consider is whether or not it is structurally stable enough to move. Lots of older mobile homes are not, with rotten floors being a common problem. If the steel frame is intact and the floors seem stable, the roof must also be strong enough that it won't blow off while transporting the trailer. 
Of course, axles and a tongue are required, but there are permits, fees and usually, proof of ownership to consider as well.
All of this and you must find a company to move the home and have a place for it to go. 


How Much Does It Cost To Tear Down A Mobile Home

The cost to tear down a mobile home is determined by conditions, including where it is located, the size, the age and accessibility. There are other factors to determine as well. 

  1. Is the mobile home within Longview City Limits?

  2. Is there furniture or are there other items in the trailer?

  3. Are there decks and porches built onto the trailer?

  4. Is it a single wide or double wide trailer?

  5. Will tearing the home down include any additional clean up of the property?

Average Costs of Demolishing a Single Wide Mobile Home Versus a Double Wide Mobile Home

The costs associated with demolishing a mobile home are primarily related to the amount of debris generated by the demolition. Tearing any structure down will result in a lot of trash to be hauled away and transporting the debris is one of the largest related expenses. It is common that tearing down a single wide in Longview will cost anywhere from 6 to 10 thousand dollars. Pertaining to double wide demolition costs, the fees could range from 8-14 thousand dollars, depending on the factors outlined above. 

Paying for Mobile Home Demolition

TNT Demolition of Longview accepts all major credit cards, cash or checks. We do require a deposit is made on the service prior to starting. Certain land owners can finance their demolition through our in-house financing with no credit check required. Contacts us regarding the option to finance all or a portion of your demolition. 

The Process of Working With TNT Demolition

Once the price has been agreed upon and the terms of payment have been considered, TNT will draft a contract that details the line items of the service. With a signed contract, we can move forward with the service. The first steps are to verify the ownership of the the property to be demolished, acquire any permits. The owner of the property will need to add us to their account so that we may request a disconnect with the utility companies, or the owner will themselves need to make the requests. 

Demolition of a House 

House Demolition

Demolishing a House Longview TX

Demolition of a home shares some similarities with demo of a mobile home. They can even be moved! However, moving a home is often not feasible if the house needs much repair. 
Permits for house demolition within Longview City limits are attained through the same methods as any other permit. Debris needs hauled off. Typically, the biggest difference between demo of a trailer and a house is the foundation. While a pier and beam home is usually less expensive to demolish than a home with a concrete slab, we also must consider if the home is a brick home or is sided. 
Some older homes in Longview may have asbestos shingle siding. Asbestos was also used for some interior products, such as tile flooring or insulation. 

Brick House Demo vs Home With Siding

If the home is a brick home, it can still be a pier and beam foundation. It will however have a concrete footing below grade. This concrete footing will usually be two feet deep and almost that wide. If the house has a concrete slab to be demolished also, then there is a lot of heavy debris that will need to be transported. Concrete and brick homes are some of the most expensive to demolish due to the weight of the material. Everything about the service is heavier, harsher and costs more than house on pier and beam with siding. 

Demolition of Brick Walls and Concrete Slabs

When demolishing a house, it may be time to consider tearing up the driveway, sidewalks and patios, porches decking as well as any sheds or other structures on the property. TNT doesn't demo utility lines beyond the point of disconnect. The City of Longview can be contacted to provide further guidance regarding moving buried electrical, gas and water lines. 

Can Materials Be Salvaged to Save Money on Disposal?

The short answer is, probably not. During the course of our business in Gregg County, we have encountered historical homes that even in disrepair, elements of their architecture remained valuable. Light fixtures, mantles, stair railings and sometimes wooden flooring have been salvaged from home scheduled to be demolished. But this is not typical. On the rare cases that materials were salvaged, it actually required more labor to demolish the house, due to the disassembly of as opposed to the demolition of the material.
An excavator is the primary tool used for tearing down a house, but they are not often useful for a salvage operation. 

Ways To Save Money on Demolition

While it's true nothing can be done regarding the home's composition, there are ways clients can save money on the overall cost of their demolition. One savings comes in the form of an empty house. If there are no furnishings, the cost can be reduced due to the reduced amount of debris generated by the demo process. 
Another way a property owner can save is by applying for the permit themselves. City of Longview Permitting can be contacted with this LINK  

Finance Your Demolition

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