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Tyler Texas Dumpster Rental Prices and Sizes

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TNT is proud to offer 15, 20, 30 cubic yard dumpsters with flat-rate pricing. Tyler Dumpster Rental includes: drop off, pick up, and associated landfill fee. NO hidden costs.

Roll-off dumpster illustration for size comparison

15 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster

Included In Rental:

  • 7 Day Rental Period

  • 8' x 4' x 14'

  • Delivery, Pickup & Dump Fees

  • Includes 3 Tons of Weight

20 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster

Included In Rental:

  • 7 Day Rental Period

  • 8' x 6' x 14'

  • Delivery, Pickup & Dump Fees

  • Includes 3 Tons of Weight

30 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster

Included In Rental:

  • 7 Day Rental Period

  • 8’ x 6’ x 20’

  • Delivery, Pickup & Dump Fees

  • Includes 3 Tons of Weight




** The above rates include all drop off, pick up and dump fees, up to the specified tonnage for each dumpster size. Additional weight is billed at $70 per ton, incrementally. 

A 7 day dumpster rental period may not be right for you. If you need the dumpster longer, the rental period can be extended for a daily rate of $50, which will be applied after 7 days (of client requested extension). Just let us know you'd like an extension. 

Dumpster Pricing

Ready for a problem free dumpster rental service in Tyler TX?

Give Us A Call: 903-354-5851

How It Works

We all have accumulated clutter at some point. It can be from a quick project that turned into a big mess, or from putting things off until later. Clutter can make it difficult to use your space and can be stressful.

 The decision to save the attic or garage cleanout until you can have a yard sale, only now it’s the last day before moving out... Yeah, we’ve been there, too. 

The problem with saving your cleanout for a later date is that it's easy to get sidetracked. You start out with good intentions, but then life gets in the way and you end up putting off the cleanout for another day. Before you know it, it's the last day before you move out and you're still trying to figure out what to do with all of your stuff. TNT can help! 

  1. Tell us about your project. It can be difficult to estimate what size dumpster you’ll need, but we can help determine the correct size.

  2. Let us know when you need it delivered and where to place it on your property. 

  3. Fill the dumpster at your convenience.

  4. Lastly... enjoy your clean space!


20yard dumpster being delivered

QUESTIONS? CALL US AT 903-354-5851


What Size Dumpster Do You Need?

       15 Yard Dumpster: Perfect for small projects and clean-outs. If          you are getting rid of heavy debris like dirt, shingles or                        concrete, please let us know first. Barn doors are available for          easy access.

  • 8ft x 14ft x 4ft

  • 7 Day Rental Period

  • 3 Tons of Weight

    20 Yard Dumpster: Perfect for remodels, garage or house clean-outs, and even larger commercial projects. Full-width, swinging doors or barn doors for easy loading.

  • 8ft x 14ft x 6ft

  • 7 Day Rental Period

  • 3 Tons of Weight

      30 Yard Dumpster:  Perfect for full scale large commercial                  projects. Full-width opening doors allow easy loading.

  • 8ft x 6ft x 20ft

  • 7 Day Rental Period

  • 3 Tons of Weight


Everything! TNT Dumpsters provides fair pricing. No hidden fees or charges. We are proud to offer our 15 yard, 20 yard and 30 yard dumpsters at a flat-rate price. 

The dumpster rental price conveniently includes:

  • Dumpster Delivery

  • Dumpster Pick-Up

  • Landfill Fees - Up to 3 tons for our 15, 20 and 30 yard dumpsters. $70 per ton thereafter, incrementally.

For delivery outside of Tyler, (including Lindale dumpster rentalLongview dumpster rentalHawkins dumpster rental contact us for hassle free delivery. 

Help is on the way! If you do  not wish to load a dumpster yourself, consider the assistance of our junk removal crews. We can do the heavy lifting for you! 

Have an unusual request? If you have something out of the ordinary and you aren't sure it can be placed in the dumpster, just give us a call, text or send an email and we will do our best to answer any questions. 


Building materials

When performing renovations, large amounts of waste from building materials accumulate. TNT Dumpster rentals permits the disposal of (most) building materials, including heavy debris such as shingles, bricks and concrete. However, be aware of the weight of these materials. Overages may result in additional charges.  Our dumpsters include 3 tons of material for the base charge. The weight and size of your materials should be considered when selecting the size of your rental dumpster.
Aerosol cans

It is a common misconception that these may not be disposed of in a dumpster. While full or partially full aerosol cans are NOT disposable in a dumpster, empty cans ARE accepted. Containers such as spray paint, and lubricants can potentially burst when full or even only partially full. When empty, the cans no longer pose a danger and are safe for disposal.

Household junk

Our roll-off dumpster rentals are perfect for household items such as old furniture, clothing, general trash and appliances.


Almost any non-hazardous waste is accepted.


Paints and adhesives



Potentially hazardous materials

Car batteries

While smaller batteries may be disposed of in a dumpster, this is not true of car or lithium batteries. These batteries can leak chemicals at the landfill, which is why they are prohibited. As is the case with tires, most car batteries can be recycled.

Fuel tanks.

For a complete list, see our TERMS OF LEASE AGREEMENT

Ready to get rid of your junk? 

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Why TNT Tyler Dumpster Rental?

Customer service is our business. We are focused. How may we help you?

TNT Tyler Dumpster Rental is a locally-owned business, here in Tyler TX. We are one of the few dumpster rental service companies offering both dumpster rentals, junk removal services and demolition here in Tyler. We can handle any job needing done. We take pride in providing clients with friendly, straightforward pricing, and the best customer service in the business!

TNT Tyler Dumpster Rental

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